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The Vaughan Agency works hard to make sure you are treated fairly when obtaining homeowners insurance. Our independent insurance agents will provide you with all options before you sign any home insurance policy.

The process of deciding what policy to purchase can seem daunting in the process. That is why we are available for any questions you might have. For instance, you might need to know what kind of roofing repairs or in what instances foundation damages are covered. In the process of providing you information, we not only comply with Ohio law but we also uphold our high level of professionalism when meeting with you.

Our expert agents always fully disclose premium, deductible and other miscellaneous costs. In the process, we do our best to help you avoid surprise charges after you make a claim. For instance, we want you to know what level of coverage you are purchasing for your assets. Likewise, we would want you to know kind of accidents are paid for and what is the maximum payout for your policy. This better prepares you for the future, and it prevents the possibility of you having to pay more than you should for extra repairs or replacement.

According to Ohio state law, we also see to it that you are provided a price that is suited for your insurance profile. We do not charge different prices to one family that we would not charge for another with the same number of assets and accidental coverage needs, for instance. In addition, we will not rest until you are totally clear about what kinds of supplemental insurance you might need that are not covered by your base policy.

Please contact The Vaughan Agency for tips on how to obtain the best coverage for your situation. Feel free to request a free, no-obligation quote from us any time.

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