Life Insurance

The Vaughan Agency understands how important fairness is when obtaining insurance coverage. Therefore, we extend our services above and beyond expectations to help you obtain the coverage you need. In doing so, we also find you the most affordable rates.

Before providing you a quote, we carefully assess your situation to offer you a premium most suited for people with profiles similar to yours. Our expert independent insurance agents not only do this because it is Ohio law, but we also are careful about offering you a reasonable quote because your well-being matters to us. Moreover, we want your loved ones who also might be on your policy to know they are taken care of.

When offering you quotes, The Vaughan Agency agents are transparent about what your insurance policy covers. You never have to wonder whether or not particular memorial costs are paid, for instance. In addition, we see to it that any agreement made with us provides you and your family financial security despite the unexpected.

In compliance with Ohio law, there is a minimum level of service we must provide. For us, this also includes full disclosure about what is not covered in a policy. Our professional, friendly independent insurance agents are up front with any agreement you make with us. In the process, we also see do it that you fully understand what supplemental options you have when seeking insurance before you sign the papers. For example, you might need a different level of coverage than another family would to protect financial assets.

Our independence insurance agents leave no fine print of a policy misunderstood. Feel free to contact The Vaughan Agency today for a no-hassle free quote. We also are standing by to answer all questions you have about different types of policies you could purchase.

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