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Health Insurance in Ohio

Why You Should Have Health Insurance

Even though health insurance isn’t required in Ohio, there are still several benefits for it. Most will get insurance through an employer, but several people get insurance through a private carrier, such as The Vaughan Agency in Pomeroy, OH. Health insurance will typically cover preventative health services in order to keep you healthy and prevent more expensive health issues down the line. There are some essential benefits covered, such as emergency services and maternity care. It can also help protect you from the high costs of services, whether they are expected or not. Not getting health insurance can be a gamble that you lose if you get seriously ill or get injured. If you don’t have insurance and later on develop a chronic condition, it can be hard to get insurance because of this pre-existing condition.

Additional Benefits for Ohio Plans

The law in Ohio does guarantee certain benefits. However, health plans can also cover some extra benefits, and there can be a lot of variation. The law doesn’t require prescription drug coverage, but some plans provide this benefit. Some can exclude a specific class of drugs or a particular drug. Health plans in the state will need to provide mental health coverage. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of biologically based mental illnesses. A plan will need to provide prescription drug coverage for mental illness if prescription drugs are also covered for physical illness. These benefits will need to have the same deductibles and co-pays as those for physical illnesses. Many group policies will stop covering children who have reached the age of 26 unless a child is physically or mentally impaired. Coverage in these cases can last as long as the child depends on you for support and maintenance. HMO plans will typically cover childcare for all children, with certain limits. After the age of nine, coverage isn’t required.

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