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Life Insurance in Ohio

Benefits of Life Insurance

Life insurance in Pomeroy, OH will provide money to your family after you pass. It helps replace income with a non-taxable death benefit. It can reduce the financial burden on your family while allowing them to move forward without you. It can help pay for the mortgage and other debts left behind, along with assisting your kids through school. The money can be used to pay for funeral expenses and other expenses after death, such as estate taxes.

Life Insurance Shopping Tips in Ohio

There are different types of life insurance to consider in Ohio. Term life insurance can be less expensive, but it is only going to cover you for a specific time period or to a certain age. Whole life insurance will cover you for your life and premiums won’t increase after you buy. Universal life insurance has premiums and death benefits that are flexible, and the amount can change after you buy your policy. Your plan should be structured to meet your circumstances. For example, someone single may need less life insurance than someone with a child.

An agent at The Vaughan Agency can help you determine which one works best for you since life insurance can be complicated. When you decide what type of policy you want, be sure to calculate the total premiums for the life of the policy so that you aren’t paying more in premiums than the face amount of the plan. Many times, you have a right to review provisions so make sure you understand the policy before you sign anything. The policy owner is the only one that can cancel the policy. If premiums aren’t being paid, then the insurer will send a notice before cancellation. If you don’t pay the premiums, the policy could lapse or be terminated. Be sure to review your policy periodically, as life insurance needs can change during different periods of life and you want to be prepared.

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