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Medicare Insurance in Ohio

Understanding Medicare and Your Options

Medicare is an important part of someone’s life and is something that most look forward to. These plans can be life or death for some and can give you the advantages you may not typically have when it comes to health care. To be eligible, you must be over 65 and qualify for social security. The Vaughan Agency in Pomeroy, OH wants to help citizens of Ohio find the Medicare insurance that makes you feel secure and safe.

Knowing What your Options Are

Medicare consists of two primary types, part A and part B.

Medicare Part A – This basically covers your hospitalization, hospice, and home health care needs. You will pay a deductible or share of the cost associated with your care. This is a policy you have been paying into through your employer and the government.

Medicare Part B – This covers any professional services, outpatient care, and any other medical care you may need. This usually consists of a calendar year deductible. The premium will still need to be paid monthly.

There are options beyond Medicare part A and B that include prescription drugs when you aren’t confined to a hospital as well as individual advantage plans. These will cover your prescription medications, professional services, and hospitals all with one card. Most plans will also offer limited services like dental, vision, and hearing benefits. The premium for these plans will vary according to the state you reside in and the area within the state you call home. You can also discuss supplement plans or Medicare part D with agents from The Vaughan Agency to determine if this alternative option is the best choice for your lifestyle.

Should You Sign up for Medicare?

If you have employer group coverage, you may not need to sign up for Medicare if you are going to continue to work. If you have a Retiree Plan or Benefit, then you will want to contact your HR department and consult with them before you proceed. If you are retired with no benefit, please reach out to our agents to discuss your situation.

The Vaughan Agency in Pomeroy, OH wants to work with residents of Ohio in helping select their Medicare plans and determining the future of their healthcare. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and can get you started on a Medicare plan right away.

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