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Motor Home in Ohio

Do I need Motorhome Insurance?

Home insurance and motor home insurance are two very different types of coverage. Some people think that they can get home insurance for their motor home, and while you may find someone that will sell it to you, you will not get the type of coverage that you need. Some of the coverage that is included in motor home insurance that you need includes:

  • Relocation expenses - When you are moving your home or traveling, you want to have the right kind of coverage no matter where you are. Since the home will be used either for travel, living, or both, you need to make sure you are covered when you are moving the house to another location or when you need to move it for repairs.
  • Damages caused by driving - Because this is a home that can be driven, you need to ensure that you have coverage when you are driving as well. You never know what may happen and you need to be ready for anything whether you are driving in Ohio or elsewhere.
  • Personal belonging replacement - You also want to have all of your belongings in the motor home covered. With the right policy, you can have your possessions protected from incidents and accidents that leaves you repairing or replacing them. This is one of the most significant differences between a home insurance policy and a motorhome policy.

One thing to note as well is that even though you own a motor home, you are still required to have insurance in the state of Ohio. We can help you get the right coverage for your motor home in Pomeroy, OH or anywhere else in the country, so you are fully covered no matter what. Be sure to reach out to us here at The Vaughan Agency, serving Pomeroy, OH, and the surrounding states, to help you get the right coverage for your motor home.

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