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Renters Insurance in Ohio

Why Do You Need Renters Insurance in Ohio?

Many landlords and apartment complexes will have insurance to cover damages to the dwelling, which leaves your belongings vulnerable. Not only does renters insurance cover the damages to your belongings, but it will also cover damages caused by negligence. For example, if you leave the kitchen sink on and it overflows to the next apartment, then you can be found liable for damages, and you are required to pay for repairs and medical bills that result from an accident. Renters insurance can cover these costs.

What Will Renters Insurance Cover in Ohio?

There are different options for renter’s insurance in Pomeroy, OH. The most standard coverage will give protection for your belongings in case of water damage, vandalism, theft, fire, and other events. There won’t be coverage for earthquakes, mudslides, or floods. Only certain types of property will be covered up to a set limit. If you have expensive electronics or jewelry, you may need additional coverage. Your policy will also cover your living expenses if you aren’t able to live in your apartment after an accident. It will also pay for your liability, including bodily injury and property damage.

You won’t be covered for negligence for intended or expected injury, business purposes, or vehicle-related damage. In addition to these basics, there are other types of coverage. This can be medical payments to others, which covers medical bills for those injured at your apartment, regardless of who is at fault. Liability coverage can replace other people's belongings, like if you borrow a friend’s computer and it gets destroyed in your apartment.

Determining how much coverage you need will depend on a few things. Some landlords will require a certain amount of liability coverage. If you are unsure how much insurance you may need, an agent at The Vaughan Agency can help you determine how much coverage you should have. The value of your belongings can also determine how much coverage you need.

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