How much motorcycle insurance do you need?

Motorcycle insurance is typically cheaper than traditional auto insurance. Such does not mean, however, that you should buy the cheapest policy in Pomeroy, OH and hope for the best. The agents at The Vaughan Agency can help you find a motorcycle insurance plan that best fits your lifestyle. Read on for things to consider when deciding on the right policy. 

How often do you drive your motorcycle?

Determining how much motorcycle insurance you may need has a lot to do with how often you take your bike on the road. The state of Ohio requires all drivers to show proof of liability insurance that includes coverage for at least $25,000 per person for bodily injury, $50,000 per incident, and property damage coverage of at least $25,000. 

You may want to consider purchasing more than the state minimum if you drive your bike around Pomeroy, OH every day. It may also be a good idea to invest in medical coverage that pays hospital bills not covered by your health insurance plan if your motorcycle is your primary means of transportation. 

Are there times you drive your bike more often than other times during the year?

One big perk of motorcycle insurance is an option known as lay-up. This feature lets you keep your indemnity plan throughout the year while only paying for the months that you drive your bike. The lay-up period becomes null and void if you take your bike for a spin when it should be parked in your garage and have an accident. The plan does, however, pay for damages to your bike that occur while it is in storage. 

How much motorcycle insurance do you need?

You certainly need to satisfy the state’s minimum insurance mandate to legally drive your bike in the city or on the highway. Beyond that, how much motorcycle insurance you need depends on various factors. 

An agent at The Vaughan Agency can help you determine the motorcycle indemnity plan that works best for your lifestyle. Call us today to get started with a quote for coverage!

What You Need to Know About Flood Insurance in Ohio

Many residents in the Pomeroy, OH area, assume that they do not need flood insurance because it is covered under their homeowners’ insurance policy or because they do not live near the ocean. Floods can strike even in Ohio, if you do not have a flood insurance policy in place, reach out to an agent at The Vaughan Agency today. 

Why do I need flood insurance in Ohio? 

Many homeowners make the mistake that because they do not live on the coast that can bypass carrying flood insurance. Your home does not need to be near a large body of water for it to be at risk of flooding. Floods can occur after substantial rainfall, a water main pipe breaking, or a massive snowfall that melts quickly. 

What does flood insurance cover?

There are two types of coverages under a flood policy. The first part will cover the structure of your home, including the foundation, plumbing, and electrical, as well as any built-in appliances. The other coverage includes your personal property, such as clothing, electronic equipment, and portable devices. It is important to note that there are typically different limits for the structure and personal property, so make sure you know how much coverage you have for each. 

What is the most common misconception about flood insurance? 

Homeowners who believe that water damage coverage includes floods can end up paying large sums of money after a flood when the insurance company denies the claim. Water damage will include events such as a burst pipe or washer machine that overflows, but it will not cover damage caused by a flood. 

If you are interested in learning more about how an agent at The Vaughan Agency can build a custom flood insurance solution for you, please reach out to us today. We proudly serve the Pomeroy, OH area. 

Do I Need A Supplemental Health Insurance Policy?

When it comes to health insurance, most policies cover a wide range of services. Medicare A and B are no different, but there can be gaps in your coverage that may become rather costly. Medicare A and B cover admission to a hospital and doctor visits, respectively, but there are gaps in their coverage that can be quite costly. Agents of The Vaughan Agency are ready to help residents of Pomeroy, OH, and are available to answer any questions you may have concerning supplemental insurance.

Close Gaps In Your Coverage

Supplemental policies are designed to close gaps in your health insurance coverage. The right supplemental health insurance policy will pick emergency room visits and outpatient procedures. Other supplemental policies can be found that cover procedures performed in your doctor’s office that isn’t covered by your primary policy.

Prescription Coverage

Medicare Part D is a supplemental policy that covers prescription medications that aren’t covered by your primary policy. For individuals who take multiple prescriptions every day, having prescription medication coverage is essential. With the cost of some medications being in the hundreds of dollars a month, having this type of insurance makes it possible to afford them so you can continue to follow your doctor’s orders. 

If you live in Pomeroy, OH, call the trusted agents of The Vaughan Agency if you have questions about your health insurance. If you are concerned that you don’t have the right type of coverage, you can have us evaluate your existing policy. We will be able to determine if you have sufficient coverage. If not, we can work with you to find the coverage you need to ensure you have the health benefits you deserve.



Make sure your family is protected with the right Life Insurance policy

Finding the right life insurance policy to protect your family is an essential step in taking care of your young family. The Vaughan Agency is proud to provide this service to the greater Middleport, OH community. Our team understands that life is complicated, and everyone’s life insurance needs can differ. We will sit down with you and help you find the policy that best protects your family now and for many years to come.

Choose the right life insurance policy for your family

Life insurance can make it possible for your family to pay off their home after you pass, and it can also help to defer significant expenses such as college tuition, weddings, or other life events. Life insurance can make a substantial difference in the wellbeing of your family. 

Young families often feel like the entire future is in front of them, and they sometimes don’t take the time to plan for the unexpected. When you select a life insurance policy that meets your needs, you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that those unforeseen events will be managed successfully. Don’t leave the protection of your family to chance; be sure to choose the right life insurance policy.

If you are starting a family in the greater Middleport, OH area or haven’t gotten around to securing your life insurance policy, it’s time to call or stop by The Vaughan Agency and guarantee the right policy to protect your family. Our team is proud to serve our community, and we look forward to working with you too!

3 ways retirement can affect your auto insurance

Looking forward to retirement? There are a few changes that may happen that can affect your auto insurance needs. Retirement is an exciting time of life, when you are able to relax and enjoy the fruits of all of your hard work. Make sure that your auto insurance is in line and that you have the coverage that is right for this stage of your life. The team at The Vaughan Agency is proud to serve the insurance needs of the greater Pomeroy, OH community, and we look forward to working with you as you begin this new phase of your life.

3 ways retirement can affect your auto insurance

Retirement brings with it a lot more free time, and you may have the opportunity to travel more. Your coverage limits can be adjusted to meet the requirements of increased road travel. If you travel a lot without your car, your usage can be adjusted downward.

You may also elect to pay off your vehicle completely which will also affect your insurance requirements. Overall, it’s a great time to look at your coverage levels to ensure that they are at the correct level. 

As we get older we may want to make certain that we have the liability protection that we need to protect all the hard work that we have put in over the years. Liability protection is often overlooked, and now is a good time to give this type of protection more consideration.

Are you getting ready to retire? The Vaughan Agency is here to help make sure that all of your policies, including auto, are in-step with this phase of your life. We look forward to working with the retirees in the greater Pomeroy, OH area as they begin this new phase.

Is My Inventory Covered By My Commercial Policy?

Commercial insurance is designed to protect your business from various types of loss. This includes the loss of your inventory due to theft or damage. Business owners in Pomeroy, OH can look to the agents of The Vaughan Agency to learn how they can fully protect their business. There are several types of commercial policies available so having the right one in place is crucial.

Your Inventory Is An Asset

Your inventory is an asset. It is just as important as the building and the other pieces of equipment you use to operate your business. If you operate a retail store, your inventory is the lifeblood of your company. Without it, you have no way to make money and no means of turning a profit. Your commercial policy is designed to protect every part of your business, including your inventory and supplies.

Protecting Your Investment

Many business owners think to insure their buildings and their vehicles but some don’t put enough emphasis on the other aspects of their business. Even if the retail portion of your business is small, protecting your inventory is essential. Without your inventory, you lose one of the quickest ways to generate revenue. Insuring your inventory at any given time is just good business practice.

If you have questions about your commercial policy or want to expand your coverage, call the agents at The Vaughan Agency today. They are available to help business owners in the Pomeroy, OH area get the coverage they need to protect their investment and secure their future. Call today to schedule an appointment to have your commercial policy reviewed!



3 Reasons You Need Home Insurance

If you own a home in Pomeroy, OH, you’ll need home insurance for many reasons; it’s required by lenders, it protects your property, and it protects you from lawsuits. The experienced team at The Vaughan Agency is available to help you find reliable home insurance coverage for your needs.

1. Home Insurance is Required by Your Lender

Before a bank can issue you a mortgage for a new home, you will have to purchase home insurance. The reason is to protect the investment the bank has made in the property. If something were to happen to the property due to an unforeseen event like a fire, the bank would lose their investment. 

2. Protect Your Property

A home is an expensive investment, probably the biggest one you will make in your entire lifetime. Even if you own your property outright, it’s vital to protect this valuable asset against fire, theft, and other issues that could arise. Home insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that if anything were to happen to your home, you are covered.

3. Lawsuits

Aside from theft, fire, and other issues, home insurance also protects you from an impending lawsuit. For example, if a guest were to get hurt while on your property and decide to sue you, your home insurance will help cover litigation costs.

To learn more about purchasing a home insurance policy in Pomeroy, OH, contact the Vaughan Agency today. Our team will answer all your questions and concerns and help you find the right policy for the right price. Contact us today to compare home insurance policies and rates.