Health Insurance, Medicare Supplement Insurance, and Group Health Insurance in Pomeroy, Athens, Jackson, Mason, and Middleport, OH, and surrounding areas

Health Insurance by The Vaughan Agency

In a world where Medical Care costs continue to climb, choosing the right health insurance could be one of the most important financial decisions you ever make. In the event of an accident or catastrophic illness, the cost of quality Care is very often financially ruinous for families. Health insurance provides an affordable alternative to mitigate and manage health care expenses. The Vaughan Agency offers a variety of health insurance options, and our caring team of professionals can help you choose the right health insurance coverage for your family. We’ll discuss your current health situation, your expectations and any forthcoming changes which could influence what coverage you should choose. We then present options that address your needs, looking for the most affordable policies that provide the coverage that will keep your medical costs manageable…and your family healthy.

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Medicare Supplements

Medicare provides a cost-effective way for those 65 and over to pay for the health care they need. Medicare is also available to people under 65 who live with specific disabilities, as well as individuals of any age who suffer from end-stage renal disease.

Medicare Supplements cover many of the things or ‘gaps’ that Medicare does not. Our team can walk you through the fairly complicated task of choosing the right Medicare plan and supplement for you.

Group Health Insurance

Health insurance represents a significant expense for most individuals. A group health insurance policy not only lowers the cost for your employees but also improves Health Management strategies which can reduce lost workdays due to illness. Group Health Insurance has become an expectation for employees rather than a perk. For most considering a position with a company, not having group health insurance as part of your benefits package is considered a deal-breaker. The team at The Vaughan Agency can help put together an affordable benefits package that includes Group Health Insurance.

Our Coverage Options Include:

  • Major Medical
  • Disability Income Protection
  • Health Account
  • Medical Supplement
  • …And more